Fairytale holidays in the saddle in the castle above the sea.

Participants will live in the historic walls of the beautiful castle,

and enjoy meals at the castle restaurant.

As part of the trip: -Horse horses 2 times a day for people starting adventure with equestrianism 2x after 30 minutes of lunge at the start of self-driving we go to an intermediate group and there 2x 60 minutes.

Ride on a maneżu and indoor riding school or in the field, depending on the skills of a young rider. -

Accommodation in triple rooms - Four meals a day - Intensive care staff Experienced riding instructors Obtaining a diploma for participation

In the program: - Horse riding on maneżu and field, discussing mistakes after classes

Classes in theory from horse riding -

Horse care - individual care and care assignment -

Kulig depending on the weather -

Additional leisure activities, including: photography, art, trips to a nearby playground, beaches, stalks in the forest