Riding camp in our Stable Zamkowa is a time to gain new experiences, new knowledge, and new friendships, a time when we can 100% devote to your passion and spend wonderful moments with horses by the sea with us in addition, participants will live in the historic walls of a beautiful castle , and enjoy meals at the castle restaurant.

-Ideas on a maneżu and indoor riding school or in the field, depending on the skills of a young rider.

-Accommodation in triple rooms

-Cour meals a day

-Finished care staff, experienced riding instructors at the end of obtaining a diploma of participation

Equestrian program:

1.Two driving per day:

– jumping training

– dressage training

– for less advanced classes from the basics on a lunge

2. Theoretical classes:

– how to recognize, prevent and treat basic horse diseases

– matching the right diet for each horse

– horse construction

and many more

3. Care for the assigned horse in a group of 2 people

4. Costume contest

5. The chasing of horses

6. Equestrian competitions (discipline tailored to the rider’s level of advancement)

7. Riding baptism

8. Areas on the beach and forests

9. Watches in the stable (feeding, watering, keeping order)

In addition to time spent with horses, we offer:

1. Bath in the sea

2. Stalking

3. Art classes

4. A bonfire with sausages

5. Talent competition

6. Movement games

7. Disco

Camps of the castle Rzucewo:

1. With a payment of 100% – 100 PLN discount

2. With reservation until the end of the year – PLN 100 discount

3. Discount for siblings PLN 50 per person

The promotion is combined

I. 23.06-29.06 – PLN 2290

II. 30.06-06.07 – PLN 2290

III. 07.07-13.07 – PLN 2290

IV. 14.07-20.07 – PLN 2290

V. 21.07-27.07 – PLN 2290

VI. 28/07/03/08 – PLN 2290

VII. 04.08-10.08 – PLN 2290

VIII. 11.08-17.08 – PLN 2290

IX. 18.08-24.08 – PLN 2290

October 25 – August 31 – PLN 2190