Our stable offers horse riding lessons for both beginners and advanced riders. Lessons are always carried out under the watchful eye of the instructor, and their intensity is matched to the rider’s abilities.

Adventure with equestrianism usually starts with exercises on a lunge, during which we assimilate the basic rules of safety, dealing with the horse, as well as doing basic movement exercises to improve our balance and acquire appropriate habits.

The next steps in learning to ride a horse are attempts to ride on maneżu, learning to drive in faster walks and control over the horse.

More advanced people have the opportunity to participate in jumping and dressage training, also preparatory to competitions and exams for equestrian badges.

Our horses are experienced in working with different people, they are balanced and friendly towards people.

The stable rents helmets and protective vests free of charge.

Szółka from 4 years old

We invite you to a riding school.
As part of horse riding lessons: lunge, maneż, jumping.

Riding school from PLN 190!

For children from 4 years of age (younger children are guided on ponies), we run equestrian schools, combining driving with learning care, saddling, sprouting, dealing with the horse in the stable and outside.

The monthly cost is PLN 190, and within each 1-hour lesson we learn:

learning to ride on maneżu or lunge with an instructor and even leave the area
horse care, saddling, grazing, how to handle the animal
Classes are an ideal idea for children seeking contact with a horse and wanting to spend their free time in a nice environment. The school is a good alternative to standard extracurricular activities – besides its sporty character, our pupils learn independence and respect for the surrounding nature.